Numerical Recipes Multi-Language Code CDROM

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This CDROM, compatible with Windows and Macintosh computers (with another version for UNIX and Linux), brings together in a single omnibus edition all the source code from all the Numerical Recipes books, and many extras.

From Second Edition versions:

From First Edition versions (where no Second Edition version is available):

This source-code material includes not only the Recipes functions and procedures (more than 350 in each Second Edition version), but also all the Example programs from the Numerical Recipes Example Books in C++, C, Fortran, Pascal, and BASIC.

In addition to all the Numerical Recipes material, this CDROM is packed with a huge number of ``Extras'' that, the authors believe, will be useful to Numerical Recipes readers, or to anyone who does scientific or engineering programming:

Navigation among the more than 14,000 individual files on this CDROM is made easy by the inclusion of multiple HTML index files, with links to the individual program files. These can be viewed with any standard Web browser program, including Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Included with this CDROM is a license to use all the copyrighted Numerical Recipes code on a single Windows or Macintosh computer; order ISBN 0-521-75035-0 . (An ISO-9660 CDROM version for UNIX and Linux, with a license for single-screen UNIX use, is available as ISBN 0-521-75036-9 .)

Compatibility: The Windows/Macintosh version is a true hybrid CDROM, which will come up on Windows machines as a standard Joliet (long file name) file system, and on Macintosh machines as a native HFS file system. The UNIX/Linux version mounts as ISO-9660 and contains tar files that unpack a full directory tree with long file names.

* Included by permission of the respective copyright owners; see relevant copyright notice on the CDROM.

** Included with express approval of the Stichting Mathematisch Centrum at Amsterdam.