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Guide to Numerical Recipes™ Products

Current Numerical Recipes products are based on the Numerical Recipes Third Edition in C++. Products available for immediate download include Numerical Recipes Electronic (the Numerical Recipes book in on-line electronic form) and the Numerical Recipes Machine-Readable Code Download (source code from the book in machine-readable form).

The hardcopy Numerical Recipes Third Edition book is available at many bookstores, or from here. The hardcopy book includes a coupon that can be used to extend the standard Numerical Recipes Electronic subscription from three years to lifetime (details and conditions here).

Groups, companies, and universities may purchase institutional subscriptions valid on any number of machines within a fixed IP address range. Further information is here. Institutional subscriptions incorporate both Numerical Recipes Electronic and also the Machine-Readable Code Downloads.

Numerical Recipes Previous Versions

Legacy products are no longer supported, but are made available as a convenience to long-time users.

Legacy machine-readable code in C and C++ from Numerical Recipes Second Edition is included in the Third Edition Machine-Readable Code Download product.

All other legacy Numerical Recipes code from the First and Second editions, in languages including Fortran, Basic, Pascal, Modula 2, and Lisp is included in the Numerical Recipes All Languages Code Download, see order form. This code is all also on the Numerical Recipes Source-Code CDROM Third Edition, available here from

We no longer have a separate Download product for legacy machine-readable code in Fortran 77 and Fortran 90. However, these languages are included in the All Languages Code Download, above. Also, Institutional subscriptions automatically include access to the legacy C and Fortran downloads.

Immediate Free Trial

You can browse up to 30 pages of Numerical Recipes Electronic in any 30 day period without a subscription. Choose an interface here and give us a try. We hope you'll decide to become a subscriber.

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Subscription key for Numerical Recipes Electronic
Machine-readable code downloads
Hardcover book, 1248 pp., published by Cambridge University Press. (Links to
other order

Price List

Subscription key for Numerical Recipes Electronic, 3 year subscription US$ 49
Subscription extension from 3 Years to Lifetime* (using coupon in the hardcopy book)free
Machine-Readable Code Download
Third Edition C++ (includes 2nd ed. C)
US$ 65
Machine-Readable All Languages Code Download
All language versions (includes 3rd ed. C++; legacy 2nd ed. C, Fortran 77/90; 1st ed. Pascal, Basic, Modula 2, Lisp; with bonus historical Numal code in Algol 60
US$ 95

Institutional Quantity Pricing (includes code license):
    see complete information here

*lifetime means for as long as a Third Edition electronic subscription is offered to new subscribers, plus 3 years. We intend this to be at least 10 years. However, if, due to circumstances beyond our control, such offering becomes unfeasible, then any refund of subscription fees will be based pro-rata on a 3 year subscription term. The cost of the book is not pro-rata refundable.