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Old 05-15-2009, 09:32 AM
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Question on Jacobi implementation in NR3

From page 573 to 575, some lines of code in implementation part are not so clear to me.
1. tracking the accumulated rotation of eigen vectors matrix v[0..n-1][0..n-1] should be as in equation 11.1.24, but the actual implementation is rot(v,s,tau,j,ip,j,iq). It is not clear to me how 11.1.24 is translated as rot(...)
2. I cannot see why we need vector b(n),d(n),z(n), since all accumulated rotation will be in the elements of matrix a[0..n-1][0..n-1] and the diagonal will be the eigenvalues after convergence(the matrix a is modified through rot anyway).

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